Day in and day out, those hardwood floors in your home work so hard to look beautiful and maintain their shine. It’s no easy task to look that good when people are walking around on you all day!  Most hardwoods only require simple care and are fast and easy to clean.  With something as basic as a dry mop or broom, you are able to wipe the floors clean without leaving behind dust mites that get caught in your carpet.



There are a few preventative procedures you can take to prolong the life of your floors in addition to your normal cleaning.


  • Putting rubber or cloth pads under anything that gets moved frequently will help prevent area scratching and stop the finish from losing shine.

  • Having a mat in front of your door and taking off your shoes when entering the house promotes a clean living environment while at the same time minimizing the dirt and sand you are bringing into your home. (Especially those high heels! The sharp heels dig their way through your finish.)

  • Keeping your blinds shut for the majority of the day while you’re gone at work will stop your floors from constant sun exposure which over time will fade your finish.

  • Taking the time to trim your pets nails not only helps your pet but also your floor. Every step your pet takes with untrimmed nails leaves behind minor or major scratches that dull your finish.

  • Making the habit of cleaning a spill as quickly as possible leaves less time for the moisture to seep through and damage your hardwoods.

  • Excessive moisture can be damaging for your hardwoods, so dry mopping instead of using a wet mop goes a long way.